King Klave Album

King Klave album

22 Musicians, 5 Vocalists, 1 Dj, 5 Songwriters, 3 Executive Producers, 5 Recording Engineers, 1 Mastering Engineer, 5 Recording Studios,10 Years of Creation.

New York, NY | (August 24th, 2022) Amaury “King Klavé” Acosta’s debut solo album releasing September 2nd,2022 features virtuoso collaborations with Pino Palladino, Pedrito Martinez, DJ Harrison, Marcus Machado; as well as the vocal stylings of Jake Sherman and J. Hoard.

Born in New York into Cuban parents, King Klavé is an electronic music composer, drummer, producer, & multi media artist who takes pride in conceiving and exploring extraordinary concepts of art.The Album is a 17-song genre bending synthesis of Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, fused with Afro Cuban Music that was recorded in New York City with the participation of over 20 musicians.

After 10 years in the making, it will be available on vinyl via his Bandcamp page  and all streaming platforms. He finished the project in Brooklyn, during the pandemic, “The world shut down, and I looked at it as an opportune time to dive in and finish my album” says Amaury. This project is a multi medium art project, tying in music, film and painting. The film will be released in 2023, and the cover art was painted by world renowned Cuban artist Luis Cruz Azaceta.The music was inspired by many topics including, mental health awareness, navigating the duality of having multiple cultural identities (Cuban & American), Finding the courage to preserve regardless of the world’s uncertainty, and staying steadfast to his vision. “There are a lot of hidden subtleties in my music. I’m pulling from so many different cultural corners, I have elements moving in different directions to resemble the complexity of the times we are living in. That’s what makes the sound feel so ethereal”, says Amaury. 

The album finishes with a strong melodic and victorious piece entitled “Rezo” (prayer), featuring Pedrito Martinez that brings a moment of reflection, and channels deep spirituality, Connecting dots to Africa, Cuba, and New York which is the pinnacle of the inspiration behind the album. Pedrito Martinez characterizes the project: “This record connects the past with the present in a fresh new way. Amaury is always pushing to find new sonic territories, he’s definitely found it with this one. It’s a masterpiece!.”


A Special hand crafted 12″ white colored vinyl with a full color jacket and inner sleeve made in Italy.